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WANGULATOR?? YES! New NADEX Weekly Binary Options Strangle System!

WANGULATOR – STRANGLE System for NADEX Weekly Binary Options


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WANGULATOR STRANGLE System for NADEX Weekly Binary Options.

What’s a strangle? It’s an option strategy where we play both sides in the market. This means we don’t have to pick a direction. And when you play binary options with a strangle you can do some great things when you know how to line up the strike in the strangle correctly. Fortunately we make things really simple, cave man simple in WANGULATOR – you’ll see.  And simple is POWERFUL when it comes to trading!

Fortunately the way NADEX binary options work, and vanilla options for that matter, but especially NADEX , with binary options is that we only need to clear a certain amount of points to expire in the money. And in the money equals pay day!  We don’t have to travel the whole distance in order to make the big profit. All we need to do is get in the money. We take an out of the money position and ride that position just enough to expire in the money and get the full profit. This is why binary options can be fantastic and that helps us with our trading math.

So what does that mean for you? This means that you don’t have to pick a direction anymore. All you need to do is put on this trade and let the market do its thing. And you let the system math with the tendencies in the weekly price action do the work for you and you look to just collect profit and stack those profits over time.

And you make money by making more money on your winning trades then what you lose on your losing trades. When you do that you have a trading business. When you have a solid dependable type of system to trade over and over then you have a business that you can take up to astronomical proportions.

It’s pretty simple. Most great trading systems are simple. The key is to be able to simply execute in the marketplace without getting sucked into the marketplace which is an art and a skill of its own. This is also why we opened up our new binary options master’s program that teaches you all these little details tricks and inner game things. I would join that if I were you plus will save a ton of money on strategies.

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